Educate students to solve complex engineering problems with an exceptional level of workmanship and dedication.


Improve efficiency through innovative solutions, within the limits of our resources, in the field of solar automotive technology by optimizing vehicle aerodynamics, photovoltaic power systems, and mechanical systems.


Achieve excellence in everything we do. This includes consistently competing at a high level at the World Solar Challenge.

Latest News

On August 19-21, we were able to showcase Horizon at the 2016 CNE Innovation Garage. This event was the place to be as we were able to exhibit our solar car amongst the latest in technology...

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University of Toronto Blue Sky Solar Racing and Horizon have successfully finished the American Solar Challenge 2016. Our team placed 3rd out of all the teams that came from the United States, Canada, and Switzerland! ...

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On July 9 & 10, Blue Sky Solar Racing attended the Maker Festival’s Maker Extravaganza at the Toronto Reference Library. Team members were able to share our knowledge of sustainable technologies and our experiences on the...

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