• Education

    Using a unique hands-on approach, the project aims to educate students on how to solve complex engineering problems with an exceptional level of workmanship and dedication.

  • Innovation

    We strive to improve efficiency through innovative solutions, within the limits of our resources, in the field of solar automotive technology by optimizing vehicle aerodynamics, photovoltaic power systems, and mechanical systems.

  • Excellence

    We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. This includes consistently competing at a high level at the World Solar Challenge.

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  • Sponsorship Team Lead – Nicole D’lyma
    Sponsorship Team Lead – Nicole D’lyma

    When I first joined the team, I knew nothing about solar cars. But I’ve always loved crazy ideas and I marvel at innovative products and Blue Sky Solar Racing offers both. Little did I know I would come to learn much more than I ever anticipated. Blue Sky has given me an appreciation for everything…

  • Array Team Lead – Kevin Rupasinghe
    Array Team Lead – Kevin Rupasinghe

    I’ve decided to share a short story that I found to be a catalyst for reflection and appreciation: A few months ago, it was decided that the solar car team leads would be going on a weekend canoe trip to Algonquin for “team-building.” We finally embarked on the trip during the August long weekend with…

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