• Education

    Using a unique hands-on approach, the project aims to educate students on how to solve complex engineering problems with an exceptional level of workmanship and dedication.

  • Innovation

    We strive to improve efficiency through innovative solutions, within the limits of our resources, in the field of solar automotive technology by optimizing vehicle aerodynamics, photovoltaic power systems, and mechanical systems.

  • Excellence

    We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. This includes consistently competing at a high level at the World Solar Challenge.

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  • Electrical Team Lead – Maria Xie
    Electrical Team Lead – Maria Xie

    Hello. I am Maria. I initially joined the team because our Fabrication Team Lead, Arshdeep Dhaliwal, upset me. He and I were group members during our first year at the university and he would, without fail, make it his priority to skip out as many of our meetings as possible to help out at Blue…

  • Events Team Lead – Anastasiya Martyts
    Events Team Lead – Anastasiya Martyts

    At the beginning of this race cycle, I was not a team lead. I was the only person who was a part of the old team and did not take on a team lead role in the new team. Why? I didn’t feel like I knew nearly enough about any of the technical subsystems of…

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