• Education

    Using a unique hands-on approach, the project aims to educate students on how to solve complex engineering problems with an exceptional level of workmanship and dedication.

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  • Innovation

    We strive to improve efficiency through innovative solutions, within the limits of our resources, in the field of solar automotive technology by optimizing vehicle aerodynamics, photovoltaic power systems, and mechanical systems.

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  • Excellence

    We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do. This includes consistently competing at a high level at the World Solar Challenge.

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  • Kshitij Gupta – Mechanical Team Lead
    Kshitij Gupta – Mechanical Team Lead

    “Why make solar cars?” I have asked myself this question after working on the car for nights in a row, after lying to my parents that I’m studying for an exam what I’m actually fabricating the aerobody, after saying ‘No’ to ski trips with friends because it’s a Saturday (official Blue Sky work day), after spending…

  • Mii Cheil Tan – Strategy Team Lead
    Mii Cheil Tan – Strategy Team Lead

    Where is my flying car? A hundred years ago, futurists back then envisioned that life in the 21st century would be a breeze. Here is a list of things people expected to have today in the transportation sector: Flying Cars Railroad ships Mobile pavements Aquatic cars Locomotive buildings It seems that out of the 5 listed,…

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